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Before Restoration, Mollymook


Our tiled roof needed attention and was faded, damaged and the concrete pointing was broken and leaking.

Shane was asked to come over and gave us a comprehensive inspection report and and affordable quote.

We are very happy with the results and as you can see from the before and after photos, Shane has restored our roof to looking like it is new again.

Advanced South Coast Roofing did a great job. We can recommend Shane as a professional trades person with and affordable option.



Kings Point

Had roof of faded and damaged tiles, valley rusted and concrete pointing broken. Shane repaired all the damage and coated the tiles with a coloured texture.

This was some years ago and the roof is still very sound and looks as new. Later had the guttering replaced by Shane and it is a very professional job. Also, importantly, he turns up on time and listens carefully to customer requests. I also consider his pricing fair and he does not take short cuts. Getting this work done was very worthwhile.

John & Fay

New Roof


Following a torrential downpour, Shane was contacted to render repairs to ensure water proofing for our home, this was carried out quickly. Further investigations found that there were bigger problems developing and a complete roof replacement was necessary. A detailed quotation was given with a time frame for the work.

The removal of the old tiles was done in stages replacing each section daily. The work was undertaken efficiently without any problems and whole roof was replaced within the quoted time. All rubbish was removed off site.

We are very happy with the work carried out by Shane and his team.

Ricard & Angela


Kings Point

We had an old roof with cracked tiles becoming faded, porous and unsightly

After equiring about the cost of a new roof we decided to get a quote for a roof restorations from Advanced South Coast Roofing.

The advice we received from Shane Puglisi was in colour and included different aspects for the repair and care of our roof.

The work was done in a professional manner and we highly recommend them to you. We get comments like "When did you get a new roof!"




If you want the best looking roof in your street, done with the best materials and quality workmanship, forget the rest and go to Advanced Roofing.

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Talk to Shane he we deliver the best.

I did and I am very happy!




I have had my roof restored by Shane of South Coast Roofing three years ago and it still looks like new. When I bought my house the cement tiled roof was badly damaged with broken tiles, ridges and capping – it had leaks everywhere!

I thought I would need a new roof which was a significant cost until I met with Shane who explained that he could replace all the damaged tiles etc with new ones.

He then cleaned, sealed and painted my choice of paint colours to effectively give me a new roof for a fraction of the price. It was an easy decision and I am very happy with the result. read more ..

Shane was also able to obtain additional tiles which he treated in the same way so I have replacement tiles for any needed repairs due to the continual branches falling on my roof.

I am very pleased to recommend Shane for an outstanding job.

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